Apple Agreements Tax And Banking

I had the same problem and was confused because my company doesn`t have paid apps. I asked Apple Support to withdraw the paid app contract request, but they said they couldn`t and still let us fill out. Learn more about transmitting contact, control, and banking information and the user roles you need. If you don`t sign new iTunes contracts when your current contracts expire, all iTunes Store content(s) that matches the expired contract areas will no longer be available. To make your content available on these iTunes Stores, you must apply for a new contract under agreements, taxes, and banking. If all of your current iTunes contracts expire without being renewed, you`ll lose access to most of iTunes Connect. I wanted to know if I needed to set up agreements, taxes and banking so that I could simply “request products” and get valid product identifiers? An incomplete account establishment without a current contract/agreement makes it difficult to fully set up the app and test on your site, yes. Due to the contract that has not yet been accepted on the Apple account, can`t we push a new version of Xcode into the Appstore connect? It`s not okay if we push a build of Xcode. Do I have to fill in the payment data for the contract? For your titles to appear on the iTunes Store, you must (i) have an in-effect contract for that territory, along with all necessary banking, tax, and contact information, and (ii) your titles must have the territorial rights assigned to that country or region. You can view the status of your contracts and request contracts for other areas of iTunes Connect through agreements, taxes, and banking.

You can view your territorial rights for multiple items by requesting a report on your content using “My Movies” using catalog reports. To add rights for a domain, go to your titles in “My Movies”. Once Apple has verified the information, an administrator, financial, or legal user must provide contact, control, and banking information. Check the Action column in agreements, taxes, and banking to determine if there`s more information we need to close your deal….