Keke Napep Hire Purchase Agreement

@Essien Idioke, please enter it on a higher purchase, 1.1m is not bad. With the money the driver brings each week, you can pay the owner. Hold a little for yourself until you have completed the lender`s payment. From the money you save after paying off the lender, use it to buy yours, which you can always give for rent-purchase. Remember, the rental purchase has a delay after one year or it becomes the property of the driver after compliance with the conditions. Just use it to save money that you will use to build your business. If he is paid daily the driver will continue to give you an apology He will catch the police I am today, tomorrow tires puncture… and so on and so on sign up with Keke Riders Association in the area you want the ply keke. Sign up for Keke Riders Association in the area where you need the Ply Keke. 11.

The agreement determines whether the tenant files a bankruptcy or agreement with its creditors or, when filing an application in court, on the tenant`s assessment as a judicial manager or when appointing a beneficiary of the tenant`s property, or whether an application for seizure of the vehicle is filed against the tenant by a creditor or another person. The key to success in the keke rental store is to get a good keke, because a bad keke, if that`s the case, brings little benefit. Since this is your business, you need to find a balance by using the keke fairly, whose body is in order and the sound engine. Look for drivers that can be settled because this is one of the most important keys to keke rental sales. The faster you break, the better the business will be, but in 6 months or in a year, you should even break. Keke rental store is very lucrative because maintenance is cheap and the engine can run for 5-7 years if proper maintenance is carried out. If you have up to 3 keke tricycke in a year, you save 1m stress-free. 8. The contract is specific to the tenancy and the tenant`s rights are not transferred or questioned by the tenant for the benefit of third parties. 6. If the tenant arrives late, the monthly amount that must be paid by indicating that he is the ……… days after the expiry of the agreement, or non-compliance or non-compliance with the terms of this contract; The lessor may terminate the tenancy agreement without notice and take back physical possession of the vehicle itself or through its agents or agents, without prejudice to its right to a late tenancy or compensation (if any) for violation of this Agreement, and the tenant has no objection to the owner or his agents or agents taking possession of the vehicle and/or deciding in writing to the tenant of the contract and classification.

In the event of a termination of this type, the tenant immediately returns the vehicle in question to his place of residence and the tenant pays the landlord a sum of Rs… each month until the vehicle is returned to the owner. As this is a lease sale, the person who hires it assumes responsibility for the maintenance included in the contract. There are places Keke shouldn`t be. For example, the government has just stopped the exploitation of Keke napep in Abuja`s municipal councils. In some countries, tricycles are not allowed in some places. If you have up to 3 keke tricycke in a year, you would have saved 1m stress-free. Before you buy a tricycle, use a keke mechanic for inspection as it is in a good position to advise you whether they are buying or not. Avoid inexperienced mechanics.

Use a trusted mechanic to check and evaluate the keke before purchase. There are many names given to Keke, like Keke Maruwa, Keke napep, Trycycle etc. Always check your keke to determine the extent of the damage or the level of maintenance. Hire a manager. You can use the president of the subsidiary who will be the keke as your manager. You are used to the business and you will manage it successfully.