Land Lease Agreement Format In Kannada

An agreement was made on the day of the ___________years between Sri./Smt. _____________etc. (hereafter referred to as “the lessor”) of one party and Sri./Smt.____________, etc. (hereafter referred to as “reading”) of the other. 1. The landlord must by this to the tenant all the house with the country fully described in the calendar with all the houses out, pucca fountain, motor garage, kitchen, paths, Passage, garden and other appurentances of it, located in the tenant`s , in the same way as the tenant of – the date of the – for the duration of year- year by year, the monthly rent of Rs._________ (only roupies_ – the first day of the month for which the rent is due) during that period; Full information on the land number, such as the Khata number, road and road, by reference to local authorities` registrations and boundaries, must be provided. If the rented property is an apartment/apartment that builds the apartment, apartment number, floor number, apartment name, etc., all identification information must be provided.] (i) that if a portion of the rent set aside by this is late for_____ months after the due date or if there is a violation by the tenant of one of the alliances in this regard, the lessor may return to the premises and fix this lease. 6. It was agreed between the parties as follows: 5. It was agreed between the parties that the parties have all rights with respect to the denied premises and are subject to all debts of a lessor and a taker under Section 108 of the Transfer of Ownership Act of 1882, with the exception of the clause (m) which is excluded. All land with No.____________ (i) that the lessor keeps the premises in good and substantial repairs for the specified period of time and bleached each year of white and carry out all necessary repairs to the outbuildings and premises untangled as well as to the owner in writing on the decompositions, Specific defects and separation wishes, the lessor will repair and repair within one calendar month of receiving this notification; As a witness, when the parties have filed their signatures in accordance with the aforementioned date and year (or the date mentioned against their signature) (i) that any request for payment or notification to be sent or to be forwarded to the tenant: it is sufficient or issued when it is transmitted by mail recommended by the lessor or his representative to the tenant in the premises denied (or at_______) and that notification, which must be forwarded to the lessor, is sufficient if the tenant is addressed to the lessor by letter recommended to his or her usual residence or business activity (or at_______) and any invitation or notification sent by mail is addressed by registered mail. , assumes that it was served in the usual case.