Sap End User Licence Agreement

SAP, SAP AG and their licensors have the right and discretion to initiate enforcement proceedings with respect to the Software, provided, however, that they can agree with reseller to jointly initiate and/or continue such proceedings.2.2.b) All licenses of the software, third-party database and documentation distributed by reseller; must comply in all ways with the SAP End User License Agreement that SAP makes available to the assignee. Any unauthorized modification of the SAP End User License Agreement by Reseller is a delay in performing an essential obligation under this Agreement and constitutes grounds for termination in accordance with clause 15.2.b) of this Agreement. If Reseller becomes ware of unauthorized use of the Software under the SAP End User License Agreement by resellers, including third-party software, reseller will notify SAP without delay. In the event that the reseller wishes the software for its own productive use, the reseller and SAP must execute the sap-standard SAP-Fini license agreement before such productive use. The current version of the SAP End User License Agreement is attached as Appendix A. .